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Most of the time it takes a lot of takes; it doesn’t matter if it’s Celine Dion or Lea Michele or whoever it is. We do lots of takes and we pick the best ones from each section. But there are times where one take is magic and we roll with it. I think I remember a Kristin Chenoweth song with Matt Morrison—can’t remember which one it was, from Season 1 or 2—that was a one-take special. By Adam Anders, answering the question, “Has anyone ever sung perfectly the first time through, or does it take many takes to get the song just right?” (via showthemwhat)

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For the most part, especially in the first few seasons, Ryan was just all over the music all the time, in the writing room picking songs as they wrote the scripts, and I would get the list. And when they were in the writing room, he’d be, ‘I need an idea for this moment; get me an idea in an hour.’ It was things like that. He was so brilliant in his song choices.

But there were always occasions when he’d be like, ‘I’m stumped.’ Or a mash-up: ‘I need to mash this up with something; give me your ideas.’

But I remember specifically a couple times, like ‘Without You’. ‘Without You’ was a song Lea did a couple seasons ago where she’d gone away, and then he was like ‘I need a number one hit to bring her back; to bring Rachel back. What do I do; give me your ideas.’ And I was driving on the PCH and I heard ‘Without You’, the—I think it’s David Guetta and, was it Ne-Yo, or Usher—and I was like, ‘Man, this would be incredible as a ballad for Lea.’

And I e-mailed him, and he was like, ‘You’re on crack. That’s not going to work.’ And I’m like, ‘Just trust me.’ And again, he knows when to trust people, and that’s what makes him so successful—he gives you that leash. And then of course you can fall flat on your face, but he lets you at least try.

And I did it, and it went number one really fast, and it was just a huge song for her. So that was a really cool moment.

But there’s not many times when we’ve even disagreed on things; it’s just been an amazing relationship.


Adam Anders, responding to the question, “When you do pitch songs, obviously Ryan has the final say. How many songs had he not necessarily been thinking of for an episode that you pitched that got their way through?”

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24 “Glee” Covers That Are Better Than The Originals

I know it’s not cool to admit this. But Rachel turns anything into sonic gold.posted on May 29, 2014, at 7:15 p.m.

1. “Firework” — Katy Perry

Katy Perry is a fantastic pop song writer, but Lea Michele’s voice turns this song into an experience.

2. “Jar Of Hearts” — Christina Perri

This one comes down to whether you’re a fan of Michele’s power vocals over a subtler treatment. I am.

3. “Chasing Pavements” — Adele

Adele is wonderful, but Melissa Benoist’s voice is perfectly suited to this sad jam.

4. “When I Get You Alone” — Robin Thicke

Darren Criss and the Warblers turn this Thicke groove into an epic romance.

5. “What Kind Of Fool” — Barbra Streisand and Barry Gibb

Technically this song never aired on the show, but it made it onto the Warblers album for a reason.

6. “Teenage Dream” — Katy Perry

Proof Katy writes a great song!

7. “What I Did For Love” — A Chorus Line

Lea Michele’s voice.

8. “Cry” — Kelly Clarkson

Again, I say, Lea Michele’s voice.

9. “Shake It Out” — Florence And The Machine

Look at the chills Naya Rivera, Amber Riley, and Jenna Ushkowitz just put on your forearms.

10. “Tongue-Tied” — Grouplove

OK, I admit part of the reason I love this song was that it was a perfect final moment for the original Glee cast.

11. “River Deep, Mountain High” — Ike and Tina Turner

It’s honestly a shame that Rivera and Riley don’t sing together more.

12. “Love You Like A Love Song” — Selena Gomez

Rivera’s rasp is perfection.

13. “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” — Cyndi Lauper

Cory Monteith’s greatest performance.

14. “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now” — Celine Dion


15. “Rumor Has It / Someone Like You” — Adele

Technically a mash-up, but this version takes the best parts of both songs and comes up with something even greater.

16. “I Feel Pretty / Unpretty” – West Side Story, TLC

Delicate acoustic guitar + two thematically opposed songs + tender vocals from Lea Michele and Dianna Agron = yes, please.

17. “Without You” – David Guetta

Suddenly you feel the loss and the want and the angst buried behind the EDM, all thanks to one Miss Rachel Berry.

18. “Landslide” – Dixie Chicks

Gotta give Goop props for doing the best cover of a cover (it doesn’t compare to the original but who cares).

Controversial picks ahead:

19. “Paradise By The Dashboard Light” — Meat Loaf

The original version is a wonderful, rambling thing. But the Glee version is lovely and fun and showcases the brilliance of Jim Steinman while being… easier to listen to.

20. “Don’t Make Me Over” — Dionne Warwick

Amber Riley was made for this song.

21. “How Will I Know” — Whitney Houston

This song perfectly — almost too perfectly? — melds four voices into the most beautiful a capella song ever performed on Glee.

22. “Poker Face” — Lady Gaga

This Idina Menzel/Marvin Hamlish arrangement is perfect.

23. “Smooth Criminal” – Michael Jackson

There is something about that cello, y’all.

24. “If I Were A Boy” – Beyoncé

I KNOW, IT’S BEYONCE. But Unique’s downtempo drama beats Queen B’s rage.

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TURBP EP + Singles on iTunes US Charts

May 14th, 8:05am EST


27. Glee Cast - Glee: The Music - The Untitled Rachel Berry Project 

Singles Top 1500:

166. Glee Cast - All of Me (Glee Cast Version)

207. Glee Cast - Pompeii (Glee Cast Version)

259. Glee Cast - Glitter in the Air (Glee Cast Version)

347. Glee Cast - American Boy (Glee Cast Version)

1158. Glee Cast - Shakin’ My Head (Glee Cast Version)